Vigilante Cat

We put this zine out last month and here it is up for DOWNLOAD.

This one has the same lay out as the last one. Print the first 6, flip them (making sure the bottom of the page is facing the same way it printed out), and print the next 6 pages. Then you're set.

I'll put more up for download soon.


print it yourself!

The newest Gut Feeling zine up for FREE DOWNLOAD.
Follow these instructions and everything should turn out just fine...

Print the first 6 pages, then flip them and print the next 6 pages.
When flipping the pages, make sure not to print the other side upside down.
Tip: if the bottom of the image prints on the right side of the page, make sure its still on the right side when you flip the stack.

and good luck with the staple.

i havent actually printed them out this way, so let me know if there are any problems.
if not, ill upload the last 3 zines in the next couple of days!


shout out to

If you happen to be in New Jersey this weekend, i recommend you go to this.

Zine contributors Tiffany England, Amy Spain, and Beau Stanton as well as 8 other artists will be showing their work from 6-11pm this Friday only.

The event will take place on Friday, October 16th in Jersey City. The space is a 10,000 sqft. loft on the 6th floor of an industrial building with great views of the city. You can see pictures of the space at www.113designco.com.

Get there early if you want to grab the newest zine issue!

first post!

first post!
fourth zine out!
thanks to everybody that contributed.
i'm going to try to upload all the zines so far as pdf files so you can print them at home but until then, here is a gif of the zine!

next deadline is thursday november 12th.
im still open to having people submit whatever art they want to see in the next zine.
email your work to eyetriangle@gmail.com