I've got good news and bad news...

The DEADLINE has a date: Thursday, December 10th at midnight.
I'm always taking submissions for the next zine so if you want to email me anything before the deadline, I encourage you! MAKE ART!
I'm looking for ANYONE that is SERIOUSLY interested in making another zine project.
email me for details: eyetriangle@gmail.com

and as promised, the bad news...
I partied til I puked last night. DGAF.
Then proceeded to hand out a ton of zines! (actually really good news!)
Now I have very few left aside to pass out...
So, I want to make more!
Its now time for me to be a sucker and ask for help.
If you support my cause, I'm beginning to round up donations.
I really want to keep making this zine and its seriously important for me to keep them free.
If you'd like to donate, even 10 cents helps. seriously.
It'd be a huge help. Check out the fancy paypal button to your right.

thank you.
and this concludes the serious post.

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