Af Yewth Ings

I. I MESSED UP! the printable downloads of GF3 was set up in the wrong order so if you downloaded it before this post and printed it its going to be out of order. i sincerely apologize if you wasted the paper. I just realized this problem and fixed it.
II. If you missed the show, check out the dithyblog for free live recordings available for download.
III. Heroin Stadium/Wrong Hole "Pink Teens" split out now! a HardlyCore Production #13
"Wrong Hole's side is 15 minutes of nothing less than what youd expect from a deer walking through an electric forest. Once he escapes the brutality of what his own nature has turned into he finds himself roaming the concrete streets of Los Angeles, drug induced, he stumbles upon Heroin stadium under a 110 freeway overpass. There, he falls in love with an asian child named "Pinkie". They have sex all night and make plans to take a cab to the airport and find someway to escape earth." $3

ps. I'm planning on making more internet friendly versions of all the past zines for those of you who don't have printers.

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